Soil Stabilization

State-of-the-art equipment and techniques allow Kelchner to perform soil stabilization to provide superior subgrades for street, parking lot and under-slab construction. The resulting water-repellant, stabilized base offers many advantages for developers, owners and contractors.

Kelchner uses the latest, most productive equipment available with features that ensure quality, consistency and productivity.

  • Significantly Reduces costs of well pad construction (Not Including Geogrids)
  • Reduces trucking volume by up to 40% (GREATLY enhancing Safety, while reducing the adverse effects of  Traffic, RUMA, and our Carbon Footprint)
  • Reduces long term maintenance
  • Recaptures/Reclaims more of the crushed aggregate base during reclamation (Additional Truck Trip Reduction)
  • More predictable project completion – Kelchner can work in rain and muddy conditions
  • Speed of delivery – Kelchner can stabilize a typical well pad in 12 hours
  • Better sub-base with increased durability; improves questionable sub-grades
  • Reduces ‘Tripping’ Hazards on Well Pads due to minimized rutting

The following series represents a 24-hour time-lapse capture of our soil stabilization process.


  • What they are saying…

    Kelchner has proven time and time again they can deliver on high-profile projects. Timeliness, quality, safety and Kelchner’s willingness to adapt to an ever-changing environment has served us well over the past 18 months.

    Ashley C.
    Utica Construction Manager

    (Kelchner has the) solutions to complex problems. (They) also, have the willingness to go above and beyond to maintain schedule and not nickle and dime us for changes.

    Mark S.
    Senior Vice President