We Think Safe –Therefore We Work Safe

Safety is more than a promise – it’s our way of life 

When it comes to risks, we know that no two projects are alike, and also recognize the inherent changes that must be addressed and incorporated as the field of safety itself continues to evolve. That’s why we constantly keep safety top of mind through hours of mandatory ongoing education programs, training sessions and on-site implementation.

It’s simple. The best way to run a productive, cost-efficient project is to run that project 100% safely. Safe operations reduce downtime, protect employees, maximize company value and contribute directly to the profitability of our clients.

We can boast the highest standards for safety in the industry. It’s the best measure of success, and one that we constantly measure ourselves against, from the pre-planning stages all the way through final execution.

Safety – it’s our highest priority and our most valuable asset.

Keys to Safety: Enforce Policies and Listen
Kelchner safety training is designed to ensure that our employees understand the reasons behind the rules. One way we do this is by getting employee input to help create programs that everyone understands and supports.

Clean Employees
Kelchner has clean job sites and clean employees. Kelchner operates according to the highest requirements of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for a drug-free workplace, which include random drug testing, employee education, supervisor training and expanded employee assistance.

  • What they are saying…

    Contractor and employees are committed to producing a quality product in an efficient manner with safety being first and foremost. Contractor frequency performs above and beyond their scope and is always responsive to the CM staff when asked to perform outside of their scope. Contractor is extremely reliable and is a valuable asset to the site.

    Bret F.

    I have had two great jobs with Kelchner and our two companies Clayco and Kelchner have just started a new project together in Texas.

    I could go on about Kelchner quality, staffing on projects and overall team player spirit.. But to summarize.. The biggest compliment I can pay to any company in my line of work is a simple one.

    I would work anywhere anytime with Kelchner on a project.

    Joel C.
    Field Operations Manager