What They Are Saying

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I have appreciated working with Kelchner on this job. Your project manager, Dave, has been extremely helpful and always pleasant to work with. He's quick with solutions when issues arrived, and has kept in consistent contact to see when I would be needing Kelchner back on the job.  And one of the most important things to me has been his integrity; I know I can trust what he says.
I wish you the best in the future, and look forward to working with you again.

Mary R.
Project Superintendent 

I have worked with some of the largest excavating companies in the United States and I remained skeptical about working with an open shop contractor, but I soon realized that Kelchner was by far the best in the business.

Chris D.
Construction Manager

Kelchner has proven time and time again they can deliver on high-profile projects. Timeliness, quality, safety and Kelchner’s willingness to adapt to an ever-changing environment has served us well over the past 18 months. Kelchner has also provided a huge value add to our projects with the introduction of soil cement stabilization. This has saved us millions of dollars in stone costs over the last year and has given us a great platform to construct the compressor station.

We were particularly pleased with your team’s ability to meet some of our most critical deadlines towards developing the infrastructure needed to extract natural gas in the Utica and move it to market. The super-fresh water impoundment is a great example of this. Kelchner consistently moved upwards of 25,000 cy of dirt per day to ensure on-time delivery.

Ashley C.
Utica Construction Manager

Kelchner completed our project in an excellent manner under very difficult conditions. Many contractors would not have been able to meet the tight construction schedule due to the size of the project (~ ½ million cubic yards of material moved), wet soil conditions, large volume of rock removal, frequent precipitation, cool temperatures, and 24/7 work schedule. However, Kelchner demonstrated their ability to keep the
project on track such that the 1.1-million-square-foot building pad was ready for foundation and slab construction on time.

As usually is the case for a large project, unexpected soil and rock-related problems did develop. Kelchner always worked with the team in a positive, professional manner to evaluate, select and implement cost-effective solutions. It was a pleasure working with Kelchner and we are proud to have been a part of the team that designed and built this facility which will provide hundreds of new jobs in the metro Louisville area. In my work over the past 30+ years on new construction projects, I have worked with many of the earthwork contractors in the Ohio River Valley region. Kelchner’s performance on the Amazon River Ridge project was among the best I have seen and Kelchner is high on my list of recommended earthwork contractors.

Michael R.
Vice President, Senior Engineer

Contractor and employees are committed to producing a quality product in an efficient manner with safety being first and foremost. Contractor frequency performs above and beyond their scope and is always responsive to the CM staff when asked to perform outside of their scope. Contractor is extremely reliable and is a valuable asset to the site.

Bret F.

Other contractors may be good at the first 90% of the job, but don’t measure up at the final 10%. It’s difficult to get them back, and often there is a lot of cleanup at the end. With Kelchner, I always have access and they follow through on their commitments to clean up.

Mike W.
Resource Manager

Kelchner’s scheduling seems to be more flexible than many contractors. They are better able to meet our demands.

Bill J.
Construction Supervisor

The word from the CAT execs is that they were ‘stunned’ to see how much was being done to the site when they were there last week. Great job, guys!

Anthony J.
Project Executive

The Kelchner crew kept the project moving ahead, even on snow days, when other contractors were forced to stop work by the weather.

Joe C.
Project Manager

I don’t recommend Kelchner Excavating to anyone. I want to keep them freed up for our own projects!

Dale V.
Vice President

No contractor is 100& perfect, but Kelchner is the most professional, safest and easiest to work with of anyone I have ever seen.

Joel C.
Operations Manager

The time frame at which it takes you (Kelchner) to complete a project is second to none.

Lance O.
Project Manager

Kelchner meets (the) schedule and does quality work, (they) will also adapt as required to schedule changes.

Joel C.
Operations Manager

We used Kelchner because we had a time sensitive project that needed to be completed within two months of winter and we knew that Kelchner was the only contractor that could meet that deadline.

Seth G.
Project Manager

(Kelchner has the) solutions to complex problems. (They) also, have the willingness to go above and beyond to maintain schedule and not nickle and dime us for changes.

Mark S.
Senior Vice President

I have had two great jobs with Kelchner and our two companies Clayco and Kelchner have just started a new project together in Texas.

I could go on about Kelchner quality, staffing on projects and overall team player spirit.. But to summarize.. The biggest compliment I can pay to any company in my line of work is a simple one.

I would work anywhere anytime with Kelchner on a project.

Joel C.
Field Operations Manager